TRICO 2010 – A GRAND SUCCESS – Comments from international guest faculties

A few words about TRICO 2010
“I found TRICO 2010 to be a perfect blend of technique and technology.

As with previous TRICOs, the emphasis on TRI technique was maintained, with an excellent display of multi-device studded complex PCI, exuding evidence-based approach, and a very informative discussion frequently touching the very basics of interventional cardiology. I think TRICO not only has become the world’s best transradial course, but is quickly moving towards becoming one of the top notch interventional cardiology program.
I am honored to be a part of the TRICO family.”

Thank you,
Samir B. Pancholy
Associate Professor of Medicine, Common Wealth Medical College,
Scranton, PA, U.S.A.

Having never been to India (except in the movies) I was anxiously looking forward to TRICO 2010. It meet all my expectations and more. I knew I was no longer in the US when we almost hit a camel with our ride leaving the airport. The accommodations were first class and all associated with the meeting were excellent in their hospitality and patience answering our tourist-like questions.
The meeting itself was one of the best transradial meetings I have participated with over the last 10 years of transradial talks and adventures. The air-conditioned auditorium, located in a modern university setting, was well equipped with a large screen to see the live cases.
Cases were interspersed with a variety of academic talks that covered a wide spectrum of topics. There was really something for everybody. I have never been to a transradial meeting without taking home some new information from either another speaker or the audience, and TRICO 2010 was clearly no exception.
The live cases themselves were very challenging. The Indian population, considering their low meat consumption, clearly has a challenging type of coronary disease. This disease was approached with skill and expertise by the operators and well moderated to the benefit of all who were present.
Overall, TRICO is an outstanding experience and would encourage participation by any radial operator who can attend.

Ian C. Gilchrist, MD, FACC, FSCAII
Professor of Medicine>
Penn State Heart & Vascular Institute, M.S. Hershey Medical Center, 500 University Drive,
RM C-1517, Hershey, PA 17033-0850.

Dear Tejas,

It was my great pleasure having the opportunity to meet you and your team and also participating at TRICO 2010.
The Course was indeed grand success !
I have never met so focused, dedicated and very motivated attendees. The Course offered well balanced and updated lectures from experts and real world scenario life cases. Educational and stimulating, both for beginners and experienced radialists. I would be delighted to participate at TRICO 2011

With my best personal regards,
Prof. Dr. Sasko Kedev, MD, FESC
Director, University Clinic of Cadiology, Vodnjanska 17,
1000 Skopje Republic of Macedonia.


I cannot express enough my gratitude for the invitation. India is a wonderful place and the meeting was really without equal. Not only was the audience engaged and interactive but every seat was filled until the last minute of the day.
The content for the didactic lectures was complementary to the spectacular live cases and provided solid evidence
with practical advice to assist interventionalists in their journey to become excellent radial operators.
The live cases were thoughtfully executed and the discussions regarding approach were lively.
The cases provided real life advice along with exposure to state of the art equipment and technique.
Thank you again for the invitation, it was an absolutely wonderful experience.

Kimberly A. Skelding, MD FACC FAHA FSCAI
Associate, Interventional Cardiology,
Geisinger Medical Center,
Director, Women’s Heart and Vascular Health Program,
Director of Cardiovascular Research and Cardiovascular Genomics,
Henry Hood Center for Research, 100 North Academy Lane, Danville, PA 17822.

This year’s TRICO started with a great traveling experience to this very efficient new Ahmedabad International Airport, great weather and excellent hospitality of the TRICO organizers.
The conference started with another great experience of the first live case which was extremely complicated unprotected distal left main lesion, treated with rotablation and bifurcation stenting and had excellent outcome. Throughout the conference all the live cases including CTO, bifurcation lesions, carotids, Iliac and SFA intervention, one will forget that the procedures are being done from radial approach. Dr Patel’s team and international faculty operators made it all look very easy. All the other radial conferences I have been to the most discussions are why and how to do radial procedures. This experience was at a very different level, giving very clear in-sight that it is feasible to do essentially every case through radial approach. The conference was most unique because it was teaching, how to resolve day to day issue in the cath-lab while treating complex diseases through radial approach.
All the attendees were such enthusiastic group of interventionalist, that during a live case the whole auditorium was full, and everybody went for lunch 2 hours late, only after the procedure was completed.

Kintur Sanghvi, MD FACC FASCAI
Interventional Cardiology & Endovascular Medicine,
Deborah Heart and Lung Institute,
Browns Mills New Jersey.

Dear Tejas,

TRICO brings back real exploration to the live course venue. The lectures from world authority faculty address the state of the art in trans-radial technique, while the live cases demonstrate the application of that technique.Case selection spanned a wide range of challenging anatomy, creating a breathless atmosphere in the conference center.
A practical and exciting cutting edge experience for faculty and attendees across the board!

Mitchell W. Krucoff, M.D.
Professor, Medicine/Cardiology, Duke University Medical Center,
Director, Cardiovascular Devices Unit, Director, eECG Core Laboratory,
Duke Clinical Research Institute.

TRICO 2010 was as the years before an outstanding and eductave TRI meeting, for beginners as well as for experts. Very fruitful discussions from the panel faculty and interesting lectures in between the cases.
I am proud to have attended an meeting with many of the world´s experts on TRI.

Josef Ludwig,
Erlangen, Germany.

Dear Tejas,

Your meeting TRICO was superb, with a great enthusiastic audience, very good cases and lectures
(remarquable university !).
Thank you for the invitation at the biggest radial meeting I know.

Yves Louvard,
Massy, France.


Congratulations on an outstanding course. This was a course for the beginner to the seasoned interventionist.
The program went well good discussions not to rushed but a great sampling of cases and advanced techniques.
You gain prove that you are the leading radialist in the world. I can never thank you enough for including me
in the program.

You are a great friend!

Best wishes,
John Coppola,
New York, NY, USA

Dear Tejas,

This is my honor to participate as an international guest faculty. TRICO 2010 is a hugh success because of the high quality of presentations, the live cases, and the discussion. I enjoy very much for the moderator session, the interaction with the faculty and audience.

TRICO, no doubt is a leader of Transradial society.

Tak Kwan,
New York, NY, USA


Thank you for the invitation. Since I have started Radial program in Rochester, NY. After I spent one week with you at Sterling Hospital, Ahmedabad in 2005 my volume for Invasive/Interventional procedures have increased tremendously. So far I have performed more than 47wQbNPTDJp9hMYdvogK2hAUiHsGeiybwaWe36bwtRQ3UTpYV7YuZ8FV5j9nauFCWwcjM6dTzpL5s2N79Rp5unwdMvc8ZKUmonth also helped lot. Radial atlas is also very important asset. As you might know most of the Radial procedures in USA performed is in Northeast area and credit should go to you and some of the Interventionalist who have migrated from Canada to USA in this region.
Your course at St. Vincent Hospital with Dr. Coppola have trained many Interventional cardiologist even in USA. After I had started this program in Rochester there was some resistance at one of the institution but once they and other Interventional cardiologist realized benefit of this approach, every body is performing Radial procedures in Rochester, NY. I perform almost 80-90% of the procedures through Radial approach including most of the peripheral endovascular procedures.
Conferences like TRICO is major milestone in Interventional Cardiology as live cases performed by world renowned Interventional cardiologist shows that any Coronary and Peripheral intervention including Carotid artery stenting can be performed through Radial approach.
At present from the USA standpoint CMS have taken stand that any procedure related complications (i.e. bleeding that require blood transfusion or prolong hospital stay, UTI due to Foley catheter placement if patient cannot urinate as some body have performed angiogram/intervention through Femoral approach and cannot standup immediately, A-V Fistula repair related cost that was related to any invasive procedure, retroperitoneal bleeding and so on and on!) they will not reimburse cost to the institutions. Outpatient coronary and peripheral endovascular procedures being done and patients also love it if they can be with there loved one or in there familiar environment safely after the procedure.
After performing this procedures almost on the daily basis I know even though my right hand is most important for what I do for living, if I need any coronary/peripheral endovascular procedure I would prefer to have it done through wrist approach.
Facility, accommodation and overall experience was great during this conference. I am almost certain in future this type of conferences will be even more successful as it is in the best interest of patient. I would support TRICO, INDIA as it has changed my practice and at certain extent even patient care in my home town for now (Rochester, NY)!
Thank you for your hospitality.

Tejan Patel, MD, FACC, FSCAI
Director and Chief of Interventional Cardiology, Unity Health System,
1555 Long Pond Road, Rochester, NY 14626.

Dear Dr Tejas Patel,

Here are my comments about TRICO:
TRICO is a “must see” course for interventional cardiologist and it is the largest TRI course in the world.
The cases were challenging, the presentations were superb, the discussion was interactive that makes it
the best occasion to share expertise and knowledge in the field of interventional cardiology.
See you all in the next TRICO.

Surya Dharma