TRICO 2008, the 4th annual TRICO (Transradial Intervention Course), was held in Ahmedabad, India, January 18-19, 2008.

A record 427 doctors and 29 nurses and technicians representing 14 different countries and 22 states in India attended.

Our guest faculty included Dr. Shigeru Saito of Japan, Dr. David Hilton of Canada, Dr. David Hildick-Smith of the UK, Dr. Victor Lim Teak of Singapore, Dr. Ang Choon Kiat of Malaysia, and Drs. Samir Pancholy, Tak Kwan, and John Coppola of the USA. Guest faculty from India included Dr. Suryaprakash Rao of Hyderabad, Dr. Sharma of Jaipur, Dr. Chugh of Delhi, and Dr. Jaiswal of Chandigarh.

During the program, we successfully completed 25 radial-route angioplasties which were broadcast live from Ahmedabad Krishna Heart & Super-Specialty Institute. We also announced our new six-month Fellowship program which excited everyone.


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