TRICO 2024 Live Cases

A heavily calcified LMCA bifurcation stenosis by Tejas Patel and Sanjay Shah

An ostial LAD CTO, masterfully demonstrated by Dr. Shigeru Saito

A case of heavily calcified LAD ostial and RCA stenosis (Mirror Image Dextrocardia)

A complex LCX-OM bifurcation by Tak W. Kwan

A case of a critical In-Stent Restenosis (ISR) in a tortuous RCA by Dr. Samir Pancholy

A complex LAD diagonal bifurcation case by Dr. Shigeru Saito

The Panel Discussion: A Thought-Provoking Session

A case of a diffusely diseased, heavily calcified, and tortuous RCA by Tejas Patel and Sanjay Shah

A long-segment CTO of the mid-RCA by Dr. Shigeru Saito

Endoluminal reconstruction of a diffusely diseased and tortuous RCA by Tejas Patel

PCI of diffusely diseased small-caliber tortuous LAD by Tejas Patel and Sanjay Shah

How do I incorporate IVUS Imaging into my Practice? - Samir Pancholy

How do I interpret OCT Images in my Practice? - Takashi Akasaka

Short DAPT: Why the Hesitancy to Adoption? - Malcolm Bell

Breaking and Entering: How to Escape Stent Jail - Rajiv Gulati

MINOCA in the Cath Lab: Mistakes and Misgivings - Khalid Ziada

Inclisiran: The first LDL-C Lowering siRNA Therapy - Aman Patel

OCT Guided Plaque Modification in Complex PCI: Optimising Procedural Outcomes - Girish Godbole